On the 12 August 1949 the Menton annual music festival was launched, this year was the 69 edition and was held all over the picturesque town, dominated by the many Belle Epoque buildings lit with splashes of light, between the 28 July and the 11th of August.

Although we missed the festival by 7 days we were very pleasantly surprised to find that we caught the tail end of the musical spirit last evening, all along the Promenade de Soleil (Which was blocked at each end with concrete blocks, official vehicles and police personnel) we passed a magical 2 hours listening to everything from duos to full jazz bands.

Our conclusion? Never hesitate to explore the surrounding areas, making a 10 to 15 minute drive in any direction (except south 🙂 ) is well worth the experience particularly enjoying the very different atmospheres available.

More info on Menton is available here; https://www.menton.fr

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