Help Monaco’s social visibility with #hashtags

The Monaco government have adopted 3 special hashtags to highlight the activities in the Principality, they invite you to create a community based on them;


This hashtag is to be used for all special moments that reflect your life in the Principality.  There are currently, 852 Instagram images taged with #monacomoments.


This hashtag is to be used in connection with tourism and “Destination Monaco” – also posts connected with the hotel trade.  You will see the ideal subject matter on the web site, .  33,500 Instagram posts are tagged with #visitmonaco.


Ecological and “green” activities, are ideal to be tagged with #mcgreenglam.  This started with the “Green is the New Glam” video produced by the Tourism office centred on a family theme – watch the 4 part series on YouTube; 505 Instagram images are tagged with #mcgreenglam.

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